My first GBStudio project, a short game about running around and collecting items.


Engine: GBStudio

Tiles: Jared Chansen and CommandeQ & HalteF4

Sprites: A mix of those included in GBStudio, and a few by myself.

Music: Myself.


Download 128 kB
LittleGame.pocket 128 kB


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Adorable. For anybody like me who had to start whacking their keyboard to find out the controls - for me it was cursor keys, [Z], and [Enter].

Cute game!! Very short and sweet but the little writing that was there was cute and enjoyable! good job :)

Thanks :)

This was really cute! I especially like the pronoun pin, it's a good idea and I like how the sprite changes in the inventory!

Thank you! The first thing I experimented with was setting and remembering a pronoun choice and the inventory system grew out of that. Glad you liked!